About Us

The Circle Legacy Center (CLC) is a nonprofit organization—receiving its 501c3 status in 2007—dedicated to supporting and empowering the First Nations Peoples of the Americas. CLC’s vision is to honor and support Native Americans regionally and nationally, and intends to be at the forefront as a bridge and supporter to the recent growing movement of religious and educational institutions towards rebalancing the past with Native Americans.

CLC has been mainly focused on educational and cultural events in Pennsylvania, particularly with regional universities. We are also committed to promoting Native American entrepreneurs and business ventures.

Our staff is extremely committed to the support of Indigenous peoples and has been working as volunteers assisting with technical and administrative support, grant writing, marketing, accounting, as well as raising awareness about issues of importance to Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. In addition, we have brought numerous speakers to universities and churches.

CLC has also organized numerous cultural events with regional churches and art galleries, featuring Indigenous speakers and educators that have included Danielle Schenandoah of the Oneida Nation and Lakota activist Willy Underbaggage.


Our mission is to represent Native America to our local businesses, organizations, and educational institutions, both the enduring traditions of the past as well as their thriving and challenging contemporary culture.

Board Council

Executive Committee

MaryAnn Robins



Joann McLaughlin

Vice President

Her Passamaquoddy name is Nipawset (pronounced Nebawazed) which means Moon. She was born in California where her father’s tribe is Karuk from Happy Camp, California near the Siskiyou Mountains. Her Great-Great Grandmother is Queen Brazille whose picture is shown at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.

John Irwin


Degrees in History, Geography, Environmental Education, and Sustainable Studies/Permaculture tract. Affiliations: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network, current President of Threshold Foundation (sustainable urban farming youth organization), and Lancaster Permaculture Study Group.

Barry Lee

Executive Director

Singer/Musician/Performer & Owner of Spirit Wing Arts and Music, singer/dancer with Eastern Woodland Pathways Dance Troup. Music teacher with George’s Music, Powwow MC. USMC Vietnam Veteran.

Board Members

Sandra Cianciulli

Hannah Jacobs Keller

Jess McPherson

Nicki Minnichbach

Derek Robins

Victoria Valentine – Founder/Emeritus

Ron Williams