Welcome to the Circle Legacy Center

The Circle Legacy Center (CLC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering Native Americans. Through a variety of cultural events, community projects, and business assistance, CLC honors and supports the First Nations Peoples of the Americas regionally and nationally. We invite you to explore the rich cultural traditions of Native Americans by attending one of our monthly events.

Cultural, educational, entertaining and engaging, CLC’s monthly programs offer a venue for networking, social interacting, teaching and learning. We provide a platform for Native American cultural educators, artists, performers, and others to share their knowledge and talents with the community.

CLC takes an active part in a variety of regional and national projects that support Indigenous peoples. Through educational initiatives, historical preservation projects, and other cultural campaigns, CLC works to protect and preserve Native American history and culture.

CLC has a variety of opportunities for you to donate your time, talents, or financial support to our mission. You can also contact us if you are interested in having CLC provide a speaker, artist or entertainer for your school, community group or civic organization. Donations are tax deductible.